Al Jazeera America launches today as another contender for the America's #1 news source. An affiliate of Al Jazeera, an Arab-focused network based in Qatar, the network promises to deliver integrity-based and unbiased news on current events and international affairs in the States.

A number of award-winning journalists and producers have been tapped to deliver news, including Kim Bondy, former CNN producer of award-winning coverage of Hurricane Katrina’s destruction of her hometown, New Orleans. She is senior executive producer of the network’s flagship program, “America Tonight,” hosted by former longtime CNN reporter, Joie Chen.

“America Tonight” will unveil underreported stories on economy, health and culture, such as the war on violence in Chicago and inside the last abortion clinic in operation in Mississippi. Special news correspondent, Soledad O’Brien, will also present a segment on life in Haiti.

Slated for programming are “Inside Story,” which discusses what happens on the ground in Washington, “Real Money with Ali Veshi” and “The Stream,” which is both a show and online community driven by social media to discuss citizen-centered news.

Richelle Carey, who appeared on-air for CNN for seven years, joins Jonathan Betz, Morgan Fogarty and Del Walters as one of the network’s anchors.

“Al Jazeera America is going to fill the void of good storytelling that exists in American news,” Bondy says on the network’s website.

Al Jazeera purchased Current TV, the failing television network owned by Al Gore, for $500 million in January. Since the acquisition, Al Jazeera America has expanded its reach, boasting staff in 12 markets across the country, including Los Angeles, Washington, DC, Chicago and New Orleans. The network is headquartered in New York City and owns three broadcast centers.

Preview hour begins today at 3 p.m. EST/12 noon PT. Check the official website for local listings.