On Aug. 5, Robert Banks, the manager at Perfect Line Barber Shop in Ensley, Alabama, offered free haircuts and backpacks to 100 kids in his community to help them get a fresh start on the upcoming school year. “Their appearance matter,” the barber said to local news station WBRC. “The first day of school is the best day of school.”

Banks used his own money for the third year to organize the Annual Back to School Support & Supplies event inside of his shop. He said the purpose of his generosity is to help boost kids’ confidence and show them their potential.

“In this community, we have a lack of education, high crime rate, so these children are our future,” said Banks. “So if we can give to the children now, and let them see us giving back, when they get older, they’ll give back. It’ll be a cycle. It’ll be a transformation.”

He wants the children to know they can live out all of their dreams whether that’s becoming a barber or mayor.

Banks also offers free haircuts to any student who maintains an A average throughout the year.