An African-American University of Alabama junior has been elected student government president, breaking a significant barrier for the institution.

Jared Hunter, whose Facebook page says he’s majoring in political science, won the office on Tuesday. He reportedly carried 54 percent of the vote in a three-way race.

Hunter’s win came after he wrote a column in the student newspaper. In it, he said he was supported by a campus organization known as “The Machine,” but according to the Elections Board and The Crimson Whitethe results haven’t been certified yet.

“We would like to emphasize that the results released, hopefully on the evening of March 7, will be unofficial and will be not be considered officially certified until all violations have been ruled upon,” per the Elections Board website in a statement from Monday.

“The Machine,” described by local media outlets as an underground student organization largely comprised of traditionally White fraternities, was recently found guilty by the university of three campaign violations.

UA documents dated Feb. 28 say Hunter allegedly committed two “major” campaign ethics violations and one “intermediate” campaign spending limit violation.

Hunter allegedly reported that he spent $953 of the $1,000 limit. But the board says he spent more than that.

“My story is unique, just like every other one of the 37,665 students on this campus. I feel connected to the stories of all students and that is something worth celebrating. At the end of the day, the Machine’s support is meaningless if I do not have yours,” Hunter said.