An Alabama teacher was recorded referring to music being played by her students as “n**ger tunes” last week.

Students in Teddie Butcher’s nutrition and food class are typically allowed to play music while doing their work. But reports when Tupac’s “Dear Mama” began emitting from a student’s device, she instructed the high school senior to “turn the n**ger tunes off.”

Several students captured the video on Snapchat but students said the school’s assistant principal told them to delete the videos. A number of students relayed the incident to their parents, discussed the matter at a school board meeting.

“After meeting with [Butcher], it’s just baffling to me how someone does not understand the severity of the weight of that word,” Shenita Morrow, the mother of the student who played the song, told

Butcher confirmed she made the statement and apologized to students on Monday. The teacher has been placed on administrative leave.