Pulitzer Prize-winning author Alice Walker sat down on MSNBC’s The Beat With Ari Melber to discuss her new book Taking the Arrow Out of the Heart, a collection of poems that tackle police brutality, race and immigration in the Trump era.

Walker confronted President Donald Trump’s need to be perceived as smart when asked her opinion by the show host.

“It tells me that he probably is not,” she said. “He has an inferiority complex, and that’s very sad. It’s even sadder that we elected him to lead. We definitely need a different kind of leader. In fact, we need to lead ourselves, and until we do, we won’t get very far.”

Walker said Trump’s “inferiority complex” is inflated by envy and “a need to measure up” to former president Barack Obama.

“That’s a part of the problem that [Trump] had everything and Barack is a Black man who is supposed to have nothing,” she said.

The Color Purple author also reacted to hearing Kendrick Lamar, the first rapper to win a Pulitzer, quote her famous line, “Alls my life I had to fight,” in his protest anthem “Alright,” off his critically acclaimed album To Pimp A Butterfly.