There is a competition out here in these online streets, but believe me neither side could ever be categorized as a winner.

It’s a race to the bottom and the contenders are online goofballs who have little more to do than weigh in on Black women’s looks.  Scratch that, make it Black children too. It’s not as horrific as the treatment Leslie Jones receives online as that is a story for another day, but it is certainly disturbing enough to merit a light read.

As the self-appointed Night Watchwoman Against Online Ugliness (think Jon Snow, only female, brown-skinned and currently rocking a two-tone puff), I need these two factions of foolery to cease, desist and log off from pettiness at once.

People calling Blue Ivy unattractive at the VMAs.  

Based on her parentage, Blue Ivy is genetically predisposed to be unbothered. So that begs the question of why grown arse individuals are bothering her?  The fact that fully adult, and in quite a few cases not very cute, individuals felt they needed to Fashion Police and insult a four-year-old is beyond sad.  I won’t even give them the privilege of posting an example of the nastiness because it might inspire other online pond scum to say something even worse in the ongoing battle to be funny and relevant. My advice to these bored and tragic posters, please clean up your collective act before she learns how to read…and I mean that both ways.

Folks fired up because Alicia Keys is forgoing foundation.

In no world should Swizz Beats have to fire up his Instagram to son online trolls about taunting his wife for the (clearly) unforgivable crime of not wearing makeup.  Is this the same planet where men often lament about being duped by the beatface wizards of the world?  Is this the same public in love with Dove ads about not judging other women on appearance?  Get your M.A.C. loving tail to the nearest seat and sit back and recline.  I’m not even defending Keys because she slayed– no makeup and all– on our current cover.  I’m saying this because women’s choices about how they present themselves to the world should not be subject to such vitriol, particularly when said choices are personal. This includes hairstyles, weight, and everything in between.  I’d go in harder on you, but Swizz has that on lock.

Think about it ???????????????????????????????????????? this is deep???? #naturallove I’m not mad I’m just saying:)

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