Alicia Keys refuses to be anything but her truest and most authentic self. The EBONY magazine September cover star has been a champion of individuality since she first burst on the scene with her debut album Songs In A Minor.

After announcing that she’s eschewing make-up and showing off her au natural beauty for the foreseeable future, Keys has continued to shine while also encouraging others to do the same. Next month, the singer-songwriter will join NBC’s The Voice as one of its judges, helping even more musicians live their passion.

One thing Keys is most passionate about is getting in touch with her true self. After years in the spotlight, the New York native is finally learning how to be comfortable in her own skin. In an exclusive clip shared with by the folks over at The Voice, Keys discusses her personal journey of uncovering herself.

“I’ve been working on uncovering myself for a while. We’re all looking for who we really are. That’s definitely been something that I’ve been exploring and getting to understand more and more, like, who am I when I don’t care so much about what everybody else thinks?” Keys says in the video clip.

It’s a message she elaborated on in the September issue of EBONY.

“Sometimes I read negative comments [on social media], and I’m immediately pissed that I did. They are so useless. They serve nothing!” Keys told writer Ericka Goodman. “Mostly, I don’t read them because I’m not letting anyone take me out my game, least of all somebody hiding behind a fake name.”

Sounds like great advice.

Watch Alicia Keys help aspiring singers reach their dreams when The Voice returns to NBC on Monday, September 19 at 8pm. Also, pick up the September issue of EBONY to read Keys’ interview.