In today’s heated racial climate, it’s easy to get caught up in our differences. Still, there are people from all walks of life who can distinguish what’s right from wrong, and one young woman used her own White privilege to address an older White woman whom she caught harassing two Hispanic friends at a grocery store.

The Daily Mail reports two Hispanic women were approached and harassed for speaking Spanish to each other in the supermarket. Footage then shows the ally walk up to them and tell the racist to leave the women alone.

“You don’t harass people; get out of here NOW! I’m calling the cops.”

Repeating classic Trump rhetoric, the racist then tells the woman she’s going to “lose this country” as a White person for defending people of color. She also said the young woman was from a “different generation,” to which retorted that it “doesn’t matter” because she has “respect” for other people.

Soon, the ally overpowers the ignorant woman, who procedes to walk away. In fact, both women walk away together, with the ally continuing to scold the racist for harassing innocent people. Check out the clip below.

With racial tension seeming to grow thicker every day, one key to the fair and just treatment of marginalized people is White folks using their privilege with purpose. It isn’t enough to passively sit by while your neighbor berates Black people, mocks Asians, harasses Hispanics or in any other way devalues those who are different. Even those who are well meaning can inadvertently contribute to the struggles of minorities by choosing silence over strength of character.

All of our voices united cannot be ignored, so do something–anything–when it’s your time. It’s coming.