With the hustle and bustle of life, especially in America, it’s mighty hard to prioritize your health. Social media and hell, society as a whole, make everything appear to be so urgent that you’re gasping for air in an attempt to not be left behind.

But what good are you running yourself into the ground? Here are five ways to prioritize peace and have an amazing day intentionally.

1. Realize that stress is optional.

While we may not be able to control what goes on in our lives, we can control our response. By consciously recognizing situations that may yield a high level of stress, we allow ourselves to prepare for stressful encounters. A lack of preparation equals an increase in a stressful response.

2. So is peace.

You know what else is optional? Peace. We have to consciously choose peace day in and day out, otherwise the world will drive us mad. You have to determine to have a peaceful day no matter what, and grant yourself the privilege of enjoying what comes with that decision.

3. Meditate.

It doesn’t matter if you’re alone in your home or sitting at your desk. Meditate. The good thing about the calming practice is that it can be practiced anywhere at any time. Read more on meditation techniques, here.

4. Make rest and relaxation a priority.

You will always have something to do until you decide not to. Life is just that simple. While we all make time for what we choose to make time for, we have to do the same with scheduling …well, time to do nothing.

5. Understand that some things can wait.

Simple. Tell yourself that not everything is a priority and put it off until tomorrow.