When you think universal sound, The Roots Crew should automatically pop in your head. The Philadelphia-bred band have the talent to tap into any genre with their rhymes and instrumental skills.

In addition to their lengthy catalogue and wide fan base, the squad has become a household name in part due to their nightly gig on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

The fellas and their Passyunk Productions have now teamed up with Amazon Studios to develop two children series with their music serving as the central soundtrack.

South Street Sounds is an animated show that follows three friends growing up in a musical neighborhood.

Deadline describes:

“South Street Sounds follows three friends growing up in the most musical of neighborhoods, where the birds tweet to a beat, every shop-keeper, pizza-maker and crossing guard dance perfectly in time, and having a bad day means literally singing the blues. With such musical surroundings, it’s only natural that these three friends have formed a band called “South Street.” Together, creative-scatterbrain Zora, future-entrepreneur Nick, and disaster-averse Tyson, pride themselves on playing gigs for any occasion: no event is too big or too small!”

As for the second project, details have been hush-hush but what we do know is that it’ll be a live-action series.

“Our love for music started as young kids,” Black Thought said in a statement. “We hope to inspire a generation of future artists, musicians and music fans through the stories we tell and the music they hear on these shows.”