If you’ve recently moved into a new place or are planning to redecorate your current space, the first thing you’ll need to do is figure out what your home’s style will be. Most people have a general idea of how they want their abode to look and what feeling they want to convey through its decor, but are at a loss when it comes to putting everything together to represent it in a cohesive look. So, how do you find your unique home decor style? We tapped pro interior designer Amber Guyton of Blessed Little Bungalow, who shared some of her top tips.

Though it wasn’t until 2016 that she launched her popular blog, Guyton has loved homes and interior decorating for as long as she can remember.

“My family took pride in their houses (especially my grandparents' homes, from every fluffed pillow and the living room you couldn't walk in), and that's something I grew up admiring,” shares Guyton. “[As a kid] I enjoyed daydreaming while thumbing through the stack of house planning magazines my mom kept in the den and watching Bob Vila's This Old House. I was also always one to repaint and rearrange my own childhood bedroom. I later designed my dorm room, apartments and houses with the same pride I grew up watching from my loved ones.”

Amber-Guyton-Blessed- Little-Bungalow
Amber Guyton of Blessed Little Bungalow. Image: Mecca Gamble Photography.

Guyton was inspired to create her platform Blessed Little Bungalow after pondering over a very important question her mother asked upon visiting her at her new home in San Antonio, Texas.

“My mom asked, ‘when are you going to do this [interior design] for real?’ That question stuck with me and led me to creating my blog as a creative outlet and place to share my perspective on affordable interior design," explains Guyton. "What was once a hobby-turned-side hustle is now a growing small business and nationally-recognized brand, something I could have never predicted.”

Guyton finds joy in being able to do work she is passionate about, and feels it is an honor to be invited into her client's homes to transform their lives with her designs. The priceless looks on their faces and heartwarming words of positive feedback let the Blessed Little Bungalow designer know her work is truly making a difference.

When decorating your home for your unique style, envision how you want your home to make you feel and keep this at the forefront of your mind throughout the process, says the interior designer. Below are five additional top tips from Guyton to help you along the way.

Seek Inspiration

Explore Pinterest, magazines,TV shows, hotels, restaurants and other beautiful places that can serve as a great source of design inspo. Take screenshots and photos of items you like, from furniture to wallpaper to lighting.

“Note how each item makes you feel. Look for themes in your selections," says Guyton. "This is a good strategy in figuring out your style and how best to design to your liking.”

Interior curated by Blessed Little Bungalow. Image: Mecca Gamble Photography.

Do What You Want

Avoid the temptation to hop on the bandwagon of whatever pop culture says is currently in vogue. Following trends is an easy way to end up with a look or items in your home that do not truly speak to your style. 

“It's easy to get on the ‘trend train’ and mimic things you see out in the world,” says Guyton. “But what do you like? What makes you happy? Just because someone said accent walls are out of style, doesn't mean you can't like them anyway. Your home should be a reflection of you, so pick decor that does just that.”

Take the High/Low Approach

Having a background in and being passionate about financial freedom, the interior designer loves helping her clients create the home of their dreams at any budget. She has made it her mission as a designer to help others see their culture, interests and values reflected in their home without having to break the bank. A good way to stay on budget is to take the high/low approach when shopping to furnish and decorate your kingdom.

“Anyone can go to a retailer and purchase everything they see on the showroom floor. Resist the urge to purchase the five-piece bedroom set. Invest in the West Elm bed, but be okay with purchasing the nightstands from Wayfair. Splurge on lighting, but save a few coins with peel-and-stick wallpaper. Not only does this approach help save you money, but it'll give your home a more organic and collected look,” she shares.

Dining room styled by Amber Guyton of Blessed Little Bungalow. Image: Brandon Grate Photography.

Create Eye Candy

Transform your home with areas, furnishings and other decorative elements that are visually appealing and attract the eye.

“Whether that's with a large colorful canvas, statement lighting or a leopard print couch, every room should have something that creates a little conversation," says the interior design influencer. "Artwork is the easiest way to accomplish this at any price point.”

It's a Marathon, Not a Sprint

The Blessed Little Bungalow creator cautions that rushing to decorate and furnish a room often leads to wasted money, regret and buyer's remorse. To prevent this, it’s important to take your time and move intentionally and purposefully.

“Even when you're ‘done,’ you're never really finished. Similar to fashion, be okay with your design style and belongings changing over time, and always leave a little room for that change,” shares Guyton.