After taking a fall on the red carpet at an event on Tuesday, rumors were swirling as to "Glee" star Amber Riley’s condition. The plus-size actress was there to attend a panel discussion when she was overwhelmed by camera flashes and fell. As expected, news of the misstep caused a swirl on the Internet with rumors that she was sick or pregnant, but the 26-year-old quickly squashed any speculation.

"I got a little dizzy from all the photog flashes! You'd think I's be used to it by now, still a red carpet amateur I guess,” she said early Wednesday. Adding later on in the day, “Let me stop the rumor mill right now. I'm not pregnant! Yes I'm Black but I don't have diabetes, I don't starve myself to fit clothes…I would never ever put myself in harm's way to mirror any 'image.' Come on. Get a life. I did get a great laugh this morning reading all the B.S. though." Along with hushing speculative mouths, Riley thanked the photographers present for being respectful and not taking photos of the fall.