People love to express themselves via text and social media. A record number of smiley faces, martinis, dancing people, and high heel emotions are sent via Facebook, text messaging, and other platforms daily. Last week, Facebook introduced “reactions,” and it was the talk of the internet. The new feature offers users the chance to express extreme emotions such as love, anger or laughter.

For better or for worse, people are obsessed with how they feel, and Zoobe, a 3D character messaging app, plans to take the emoticon game one step further. And The company has enlisted the help of neo-feminist crusader Amber Rose to do so.

It’s no doubt the self-proclaimed “Muva” to her fans will help make the already wildly successful app even more popular. Whether it’s speaking up for women’s rights on nationally syndicated TV, arguing with her famous ex (finger’s in the you know what anyone?), or organizing an anti slut-shaming march, Rose knows how to land the spotlight and keep its glare focused on her. Her knack for promotion will no doubt help Zoobe make the next step in the evolution of expressive technology even more popular.

Rose, a champion of modern style and free-spiritedness, is the perfect spokeswoman for a technology companyan industry that thrives on being hip and young at heart. Her 3.5 million followers and ability to command frequent appearance fees are a testament to her cool.  At a time when young people today have an almost slave-like devotion to their idols, who better than Amber Rose to get people on board with a 3D messaging revolution?

What’s amazing about the company behind the Amber Rose character is that its technology allows users to express themselves in a way that is eerily lifelike through the use of 3D personas that walk, talk, and are styled from head to toe. Zoobe has already begun the 3D messaging takeover, licensing deals with Ghostbusters, Paddington, and the Smurfs. They also have a contemporary multi-cultural line of characters called “Women of the World,” which shows that the company is forward thinking in its approach.

Rose is the first celebrity they will work with. Users of the app will be able to select her as a character and customize it prior to sending a video to friends. Although it seems somewhat cheesy, it’s no less cheesy than the emoticons people are already using.

It’s only a matter of time before video characters catch on. The ability to style your favorite celebrity is the perfect hook to get people lined up to start utilizing 3D messaging, Zoobe’s ability to integrate with other apps also makes it more likely to become a hit. They’ve already partnered with phone and messaging app Viber, and it’s likely that more partnerships are soon to come.

Imagine sending a video character through a popular app such as Facebook in the same way that we send smiley faces today. I personally downloaded the app and was amazed at how lifelike and cool the character messages are, not to mention its ease of use. The app is fun to use, vibrant and interactive.

If Zoobe continues to grow its number of celebrity and brand partnerships and increase its visibility in the app space, the company will no doubt be a household name by 2017. I predict that even Grandmas will be in on the fun, finding the perfect revealing outfit to dress up Amber Rose, as they vicariously live through the modern day vixen character. “Muva” will be released at South by Southwest on March 13th. From the looks of her heels low cut tank, and sexy leather, she’s sure to impress the masses yearning for yet another form of expression.

Elizabeth Aguirre is a technology professional with more than 8 years experience working in the software industry. Currently, Elizabeth is pursuing an M.S. in E-commerce at DePaul University and works as a consultant for the National Council of State Boards of Nursing in Chicago. She is on a one-woman mission to empower small business owners through the use of technology. When she is not being a “cool mom” to her daughter Esther, she enjoys tweeting and meditation.