Never underestimate the power of a thorough background check, especially when dealing with a reality show. "American Idol" producers recently learned this important lesson and promptly took action. Jermaine Jones, the 13th contestant who had been unconventionally chosen by the judges at the last minute, has been kicked off of the show after producers learned that Jones has a standing criminal record, including outstanding warrants for his arrest in New Jersey, which he had not disclosed. To make matters worse, the warrant is under a fake name given by Jones, who was outed by the website The Smoking Joint on Tuesday after documents for his arrest were published for all to see.

Honesty may have been the best policy for Jones, because the real issue seems to be the fake names. “The big problem…was the fact that he had given false names,” said Ken Warwick, one of the show's execs. “There might be other false names and other…charges that we just don’t know about.” Affectionately dubbed the 'gentle giant' by Ryan Seacrest, the booted crooner took to his "Idol" Twitter account to announce his news: “Awww I will no longer b on the show." 

Although this ordeal is quite messy, does Jones still have a chance of having a successful career in music? Also, considering the charges against him, does he even deserve that second chance?