All great things may come to end, but Snowfall star Amin Joseph will never forget the legacy the epic Starz series has left behind. “I’m so proud of my involvement,” Joseph declares to EBONY. “The collaboration with the late John Singleton, showrunner Dave Andron and FX Network has been career-defining for me. I look back at it as one chapter in a legacy I’m steadily creating for myself. There’s so much more to come.”

As Joseph continues to evolve his world as a storyteller, he shares the lessons he’s learned from his father and the unexpected ones he now has as a father himself.

Roles should not shape actors, honestly. Ultimately, it’s our job to shape the roles, the character and the performance in service of the story.

Amin Joseph

My education, spirituality, wisdom and ever-changing environment shape me, which is reflected in the roles that I portray. I recently had the opportunity to shape the character Muhammad in the film Live and Die and Live by Qasim Basir, which premiered at Sundance. It’s about a character looking for redemption while battling a wicked addiction to drugs and alcohol. I want to collaborate with the talented few but also the great people of my lifetime. I think I’m off to a good start in my goal of dream opportunities. I have learned to run toward whatever I fear. I don’t scare too easily. There is no fear of mine that I have not faced, even failure. I find that facing fears is a healthy way for me to evolve. 

AminJoseph for EBONY
Snowfall alum Amin Joseph. Image: Keith Major for EBONY Media.

Big shout out to all my strong emotionally intelligent brothers who empower, improve and lift vibrations wherever they are. I embrace vulnerability and sensitivity moment-to-moment in my ever-evolving life of marriage, fatherhood, business and friendship. I think vulnerability and sensitivity balance the other robust traits that make up a Black man. I also find much value in having empathy when navigating through life. Being a Black man with empathy, humility and grace is everything.

My father has always been there for me as an example of what a man is. I now realize as a father myself that fatherhood and parenting never ends.

Amin Joseph

I know my father will provide love leadership and teaching until the grave and, even after death, significant lessons inspired by my dad will be ever potent. That has been an unexpected realization as my father and I continue to have this bond as adults.

My ancestors fought for me to embrace triumphs and success. That’s what I most represent as a Black man. I love the skin that I am in. I don’t shy away from any moment to represent my people and my ancestors. I’m very careful with my words and energy so as to not give power to past challenges or ones that I may be currently experiencing. As a Black man, I deserve so much more than to be defined by challenges that come by way of skin and culture.

Our voices have always been impactful. I believe Hollywood only amplifies who we already are. Our job as Black creatives is to be passionate and enthusiastic about the stories we feel will impact our audiences. Our culture is not monolithic so we need an abundance of art to quench the appetite of a varied audience. Hollywood can find more profit and prestige by investing in Black artists and audiences.