There are certain celebrities whose lifestyles are so bigger than life that a biopic on their life seems inevitable. The psychedelic rock n' roll sensation Jimi Hendrix definitely qualifies as such, given his major domination of a predominantly White music genre during one of the most transformative decades in American history. And, who else better to play the role of this music legend than the equally groovy Andre 3000? The multiple award winning musician and actor will be playing the lead role in "All Is By my Side," a Jimi Hendrix feature film directed and written by filmmaker John Ridley

The film will center on Hendrix's experiences creating the album "Are You Experienced," which he worked on from 1966 to 1967 in England. "All By My Side" is currently in pre-production, but will begin principal photography in three weeks in Dublin and Wicklow and has been scheduled to shoot for a total of six weeks. Most would certainly agree that, given his own music background and his personal quirkiness, Andre 3000 has been perfectly cast to play the iconic rocker. However, given his previous performances on the silver screen, does he have the acting chops to do Hendrix justice?