André 3000 has dropped a new line of kicks thanks to a partnership with Swedish footwear company, Tretorn.

According to Atlanta Magazine, André “3000” Benjamin’s line of kicks will debut as part of Tretorn’s Spring 2018 collection. The brand will offer 15 designs that are the result of a collaboration with Benjamin.

The shoes will exude the singer’s “playful and bold aesthetic while remaining classic and true to the Tretorn style.”

“Growing up, we’d all put our personal stamp onto the blank canvas of the Nylite, and I’d sketch out my own designs,” Benjamin, 42, said. “This collaboration felt like fun because it brought me back to that place of personalizing these original designs.”

Benjamin’s line debuts on Nov. 13 in Cali, with an expansion happening in late November. So far, six styles are currently available this month and retail prices vary for $85 to $250.

The full collection will be available for purchase in February.