When Andre Leon Talley, Artistic Director of Zappos Couture, mentions your name in the same sentence as “fashion”, you know you’ve made it big time. For NFL Hall of Famer, Michael Strahan, that’s exactly what he’s done. The NFL player turned morning talk show host turned style icon caught the attention of Talley, being acknowledged as his ‘Icon of the Moment’ for his ZeeCee column on Zappos Couture.

Talley spoke on his appreciation for Strahan’s casual and cool style in a brief quote that can be read below:

“I was channel surfing recently and noticed Strahan’s style, on his morning chat show: his ability to be relaxed and confident at the same time. I wanted to also acknowledge his achievement with his Hall of Fame moment.  It is his ability to wear casual clothes and look great, as well as the audace of a deep, deep ruby three-piece black tie look on the red carpet.  Everything about him suggests his wardrobe reflects a man who loves to dress with class, have fun with his choices, and is aware of his ability to be a role model of inspiration and aspiration.”

Well, there you have it! Not only is Michael Strahan the talk of the NFL town, but he’s also now a style icon. We aren’t that surprised, given that he showed off some of his suave style in our August 2014 issue. But nonetheless, we’re happy to see one of our most acclaimed athletes continuously accruing success.

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