’Tis the season for giving! This past weekend, Vanessa Simmons, Angela Simmons and Nick Cannon invited their celebrity friends and special guests to meet them on wheels at the Moonlight Rollerway skating rink in support of Toys for Tots. Guests were encouraged to bring unwrapped toys before they skated the night away to special tunes provided by NCredible’s DJ Cam. EBONY.com caught up with the fabulous sisters to find out what really warms their hearts during the holidays and why it’s imperative we all give back.

EBONY: I know you did a skate party for the launch of your Pastry Lite shoe collection, as well as for Toys for Tots last year. Is this something that you plan to do every year?

Angela Simmons: We love to give back, so it’s definitely something we would love to do every year. Last year was a great turn out!

EBONY: Nick Cannon attended the Pastry Lite shoe launch last year as a guest. How did the collaboration between Ncredible and Pastry Lite come about this year?

Vanessa Simmons: Nick is a great person, and both brands coming together for such a great cause just makes a lot of sense. We both love children so much.

EBONY: Why was Toys for Tots selected as the charity to receive the donations?

AS: We have worked with Toys For Tots before and around the holiday time. To us, there’s nothing like putting a smile on a child’s face.

EBONY: How important is giving back to the Pastry brand and what it stands for?

VS: To us, it’s more important to give than to receive. Pastry loves to give back; it means a lot to us as a brand. We are always looking for ways to give back, and we love to see Pastry fans and celebrities join us with the spirit of it all.

EBONY: Why did you choose skating for this charity event?

AS: Skating just makes us feel so free; its like being a kid again!

EBONY: Was skating a big part of your tween/teen years?

AS: To be honest, I’m not a great skater [laughs], but I enjoy it. But yes, I attended a lot of skate parties growing up.

EBONY: Given the event, does Pastry plan on doing a line of skates?

VS: There’s a possibility of it in the future. You never know!

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