Charlamagne Tha God is currently facing resurfaced rape allegations from over 15 years ago, and while some have turned their backs on the radio personality, political commentator Angela Rye has stepped up to defend her “brother” after being asked about the accusations via social media.

After being pressed on her own Instagram post to address the allegations against him, Rye responded saying she believes his accuser may be looking for a “come up.” In the now deleted post, she also reminded followers that there was no DNA evidence linking Charlamagne to the crime.

“Since you opted to post about TWO different incidents and described neither of them accurately on my Jesus conference post, sure. My BROTHER is neither a molester nor a rapist. He never drugged anyone. He never touched the girl,” Angela wrote. “Read more about the incident from 2001 in his book Black Privilege and note that he regrets having a party where underaged folks where [sic] drinking when he was young and dumb (that’s the ONLY thing he pled to…why? Because there was no physical evidence connecting him to the girl. Why? Because he never touched her. I truly pray for her piece of mind. Truly. However, she will not ‘come up’ on my brother off a lie. I stand for truth before I stand for anything else. God bless you and your family.”

You can see a screenshot of her response, obtained by, here. 

Jessica Reid, the woman accusing Charlamagne of raping her at the age of 15, told The Blast that she’d like to re-open a criminal case against him, as there’s no statute of limitation for prosecuting the crime of sex with a minor in South Carolina.

Reid’s mother, Joslyn, admits she told her daughter not to cooperate with the prosecution when the case was initially brought forth, making it impossible to convict the podcaster, real name Lenard McKelvey, on the charge he was arrested for, criminal sexual conduct with a minor. Instead, the then 22-year-old pleaded guilty to contributing to the delinquency of a minor, receiving three years on probation.

Billboard details the alleged assault below.

 “According to a 2001 police report from the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office, Reid and a friend claimed to have been picked up and brought to a short-stay Naval housing facility and given a liquid to drink that tasted like soda. That was the last thing Reid’s friend said she remembered before waking up with a man trying to kiss her. She claimed to have forced the man away and went to find Reid, who was in the room across from where she was, naked and crying, stating she had been raped. The girls were brought to a local hospital, where staff corroborated that a sexual assault had occurred and took a statement implicating McKelvey as the assailant. “

The incident has led to a petition calling for his firing from hit morning show, Power 105’s The Breakfast Club.