Attorney Angela Rye typically makes headlines for the forthright manner with which she silences right-wing ramblings as a political commentator on CNN. But the “Angela Rye’s State of the Union” host recently discussed something more personal during a conversation with the ladies of The Real.

The Seattle native shared why she made the decision to freeze her eggs last month.

“I’m 38, I’m old, just don’t let the silky hair fool you,” Rye told the show’s co-hosts Adrienne Houghton, Loni Love, Tia Mowry and Jeannie Mai. “So, 38, it was just time. It was a process I looked into when I was 35 and I got scared because my egg reserve number was low.”

Rye, who admitted she has a fear of needles was brave enough to record the procedure.

“I recorded a lot of the footage, and I’m hoping that I’ll use it to inspire women because it was scary – I hate needles, so I had somebody come do the shots —  I was like, ‘Somebody’s going to have to come do this for me!’” she continued.

Rye, who’s found a love interest in rapper Common, revealed that despite any physical pain she endured, the process was somewhat spiritual.

“It was a really emotional experience,” she continued. “I didn’t cry a lot, but I felt so connected with my body, trying to create an environment where there weren’t going to be stressed out eggs. Somebody that’s like a big sister to me was like, ‘Don’t have stressed out eggs!’”

When asked about whether she plans to parent anytime soon, Rye didn’t give an affirmative or negative response.

“You know, Loni, as I get older, I’m a little more nervous about that! I have six godkids,” she added. “But I definitely want the option, I don’t want to foreclose on an option.”