Angela Rye has never been the type to bite her tongue, and was especially vocal with conservative commentator Alice Stewart after she called Rye’s boyfriend, rapper Common, hypocritical for voicing his concerns over the NRA following his Oscar-night performance of “Stand Up for Something,” featuring Audra Day.

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“On Oscar night, this is the dream we tell/A land where Dreamers live and freedom dwells … Tell the NRA they in God’s way/And to the people of Parkland we say Ase,” the Chicago spitter rapped.

The NRA responded with a statement condemning the MC, of which Stewart voiced her support in front of Rye while on CNN Tonight with Don Lemon.

“Kids have died!” Rye challenged. “The NRA is out of touch. They are in God’s way. Common had it right. We didn’t need anybody to tell us that. We don’t need you on here telling us how amazing the NRA is—they are not! They’re terrible, they are terrible. … It’s high time that there is an organization that competes with them to say, ‘We are not going to allow you to buy public service. That is not for sale.’ … I just can’t do the NRA PSA tonight.”

Check out the tense debate below.