Political commentator Angela Rye served one of the shadiest eye rolls during CNN Tonight, Tuesday night.

Rye, along with conservative correspondent Kayleigh McEnany, took part in a late night panel discussion that dealt with Hillary Clinton’s historic nomination. While the group discussed the presidential race, McEnany made it a point to praise Donald Trump by citing his business record and his (unsupported) claim that he’s given millions away to charity.

“Donald Trump has done great things in his private time, too, for veterans, all across his foundation,” McEnany stated after Don Lemon asked her to comment on Bill Clinton’s speech where the former president discussed his wife’s work with helping schools and adoptive parents.

Umm, ok. Never mind that Trump has refused to release his tax forms, which would definitively say whether or not he has supported veterans’ charities over the years, I guess McEnany just wants us to take his word for it.

And that’s when Rye loses her poker face, and her true feelings come out in an eye roll that should land her in the hall of fame of shade– if there ever were to be one.

Rye explained why she threw her fellow commentator such a fierce side-eye in an interview with New York Magazine’s The Cut.

“For me yesterday, it was such a historic moment. Regardless of whether you’re with Hill or you’re feeling the Bern, we had to appreciate the magnitude of that moment,” she explained. “To switch gears from shattering glass ceilings from Michelle Obama’s dynamic speech to Cory Booker to Eric Holder the night before, to then talk about ISIS? Are we really doing this right now?”

Rye’s visceral reaction to McEnany may have made for great TV, but Rye said she’s asked CNN’s Wolf Blitzer to help her control her responses. Unfortunately, he didn’t have much advice.

“I consider Wolf [Blitzer] a mentor. I said, ‘Wolf, teach me how to do the poker face,’ and he said, ‘I can’t do that . . . but I can teach you how to Dougie.'”