Heyyyyyy Professor Oglevee! Are Angie Stone and Dorian Wilson a thing?

That’s the question fans had after the actor, 54, took to his social media to post several pics with the 56-year-old singer. The photos, which show Wilson and Stone being looking pretty cozy, have been flooding Wilson’s timeline for about a week now:




However, for those thinking that there may be something romantic here between the two, think again. Although Stone is no stranger to keeping a cute one by her side (who can forget her former relationship with baby father and neo-soul singer D’Angelo back in the 90’s?), the singer and actor appear to be just good friends. According to Wilson’s captions, aside from referring to Stone as his “Sister,” he also points out that they are working on set for Season  4 of  the family sitcom, “In the Cut.”

Then again, Wilson did repost his picture kissing Miss Stone just moments ago, with a “heart” emoji. Either he’s a big flirt or he’s promoting his show by way of fooling us all on social media.

Either way, we think these two make a cute couple!