If you are unfamiliar with Ann Coulter, then you should immediately click this link. Yes, the woman who said that radiation is good for you has managed to outdo that by disrespecting President Barack Obama. While delivering a speech at CPAC, Coulter managed to compare the first African-American president to rapper Flavor Flav in :58 seconds. “Voters with forty years of politically correct education are ecstatic to have the first Black president. They just love the idea even if we did get Flavor Flav instead of Thomas Sowell,” Coulter mused.

That very sentence was the very match to explode the growing powder-keg underlining the 2012 election. More and more pundits and politicians are slandering the Commander-in-Chief left and right. And, with no end in sight, it seems like America just can’t help but deal in racial politics.

Will President Obama ever speak on his many detractors in a straightforward manner? Or can cool Obama outmaneuver his opponents and win a second term in office?