Fifteen neo-Nazi sites have been deactivated and hacking group Anonymous is reportedly to thank for it.

The International Business Times UK reports the group shut down the websites as a part of their #OpDomesticTerrorism campaign. The campaign inspired their decision to deactivate the website for the city of Charlottesville during the White supremacist “Unite the Right” rally in mid-August.

“This is simply related to ongoing events. Our message is simple, if we catch your organisation taking part in acts of domestic terrorism in the name of white supremacy, we’re coming for you,” one of the Anon hackers told IBT.

“We’ve had plenty of anons contribute to the operation worldwide knowing this is a US-based operation; the fight against fascism is global, so we may consider expanding our operation to work with Anonymous groups in their own countries,” the hacker added.

Anonymous took down a number of regional Ku Klux Klan websites as well as the site of White nationalist group Vanguard America.

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