Anthony Mackie speaks to Vulture about his upcoming roles in Captain America and The Avengers.

Some of the actors who play superheroes can be reluctant when called to duty, but not Anthony Mackie, who joins Captain America: The Winter Soldier as the heroic Falcon. "I feel like I won the lottery, man!" the giddy actor told Vulture. Indeed, in a giant sequel with a whole lot of characters to serve, it's Mackie's Falcon who makes the biggest impression, spreading his mechanical wings and swooping through Washington, D.C., to help his new ally, the superpowered Steve Rogers (Chris Evans). Mackie called up Vulture recently to discuss just how eagerly he signed up for the franchise (he didn't even know what the part would be) and the amusing bits he tried to sneak into Winter Soldier … and the Avengers sequel.

Did you get to try on tons of different superhero costumes until they found the right look for you?

That would've been hella fun, but no. I told them I wanted Spandex! I was in the gym like a monster working out for that movie, and I said, "If Chris gets to wear tight shirts, I want tight shirts! I want Spandex, everything Spandex!" My choice would have been red Spandex, head to toe. They shot me down. [Laughs.]