Award season is upon us and while many flock to the internet to review red-carpet style, for others, it’s the make-up, not the gowns, that are the real showstoppers. The rise of internet make-up tutorials has allowed young women to mimic celebrity looks without the help of a make-up artist for almost a decade. Now, with the help of GlamScout, women are able to easily match their favorite looks with products they can use to recreate them.

The Augmented Reality App GlamScout allows users to see themselves in the same looks as their make-up inspirations. The app is easy to use, simply upload photos of your favorite make-up looks, and GlamScout provides product matches that will help you try out the look for yourself. Users can also upload any pic found online or taken, not just red-carpet ones, to recreate looks and purchase products directly from the app. Next, users can share their finds on their other social media platforms.

The coolest thing about GlamScout is the ability to use your phone as a mirror to virtually try on products. In a technology called “Augmented Reality” FaceCake, the makers of the app “transform product discovery and interaction within the mobile shopping experience” according to Founder and CEO Linda Smith. FaceCake is also the maker of ShadeScout, a color search and beauty app that also uses augmented reality to help user’s find make-up shades that work best for them.

Augmented reality doesn’t appear to be going anywhere soon, and is gearing up to become an integral part of e-commerce and mobile shopping, merging the two things young people love most, shopping and playing on their phones.

Elizabeth Aguirre is a Digital Writer and Retail Design Project Manager living and working in Chicago, Il. When she’s not tweeting about social justice issues, she can be found meditating or blogging at