West coast rapper The Game is the most recent hip-hop artist to publicly demonstrate his blatant disrespect for women. Two videos have recently surfaced from The Game’s February visit to Australia that further solidify circulating rumors of the rapper becoming violently unhinged. In one video, taken on February 17th, the performer is clearly seen spitting on a group of female fans from the VIP section of club Bourban Bar. The women, who appear to have been trying to get the rapper’s attention, quickly retaliated, with one yelling, “How dare you?” to The Game himself. At that point, he is seen removing his chain and handing it off to his entourage. Upon seeing this, the women quickly leave the scene.

The Game spits on female fans overseas

In another instance at his concert in Adelaide, Australia, The Game is shown prompting a female who had joined him and his crew on stage to “show off” her “t*tties” to them and the audience. When it becomes clear that the woman has no intention of doing so, The Game’s crew members aggressively try to lift the woman’s shirt, grabbing at her breast in the process. When the woman continues to resist the men, she is abruptly pushed off the edge of the stage.

The Game encourages crew to sexually assault woman on stage

While these events both took place last month in Australia, the Game should still be held accountable for both instances. At a time when young women are sending submissive tweets about wanting to be beat by an R&B star and young men are being schooled by rappers in the art of sexual assault, are these videos once again grounds for the female community to distance itself from hip hop? Or will a half-hearted, sort-of apology from the artist mend this egregious behavior?