It took a fair level of impudence for ex-White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer to demand seasoned White House correspondent April Ryan stop shaking her head during a press conference in late March. But it takes even more nerve to make light of the current presidential administration’s unprecedented disregard for truth — which Spicer played a vital role in maintaining — on an awards show.

The CNN political analyst simply wasn’t here for Spicer’s unanticipated appearance at the 69th annual Emmy Awards on Sunday. During the cameo, Spicer — who resigned from as press secretary in July — mocked the web of lies that constituted his short-lived career with the Trump administration. She actually pities the fabricator.

“I actually felt sorry for Sean last night,” Ryan said during a CNN panel on Monday. “Sean has left the White House. We’ve heard many television networks saying they’re not going to hire him as a contributor. Sean is viewed as someone who lied. Sean told the world that there’s fake news from all these people that he’s now going to to get a job. And they’re not hiring him. So it looks like they’re trying to rebrand him. Change his image. But there’s a lot of healing that needs to take place. Or redemption that needs to happen on his part.”

“People are still very hurt about it,” she said. “He was used as the butt of the joke. It fell on deaf ears and I fell bad for him.”