My husband and I were at a party recently where we noticed that most of the people in the room didn’t really seem to be enjoying themselves. Why? Well, they were all looking down at their phones, most likely Tweeting and Facebooking about the event instead of actually experiencing the event. A couple of days later, one of our mutual friends asked us if we knew anyone we could introduce them to because they were fed up with their dating life. We asked said friend what they didn’t like about dating and based on the response we got, it seems like communication and awkward behavior were the main culprits. Here are some of the common mistakes that can put a damper on your attempts at playing the field.

Technology Is Not Your Boo Thang

Again, if you’re at an event Tweeting and Facebooking every two seconds, then you’re not really enjoying the event and most importantly, socializing with real people. Ditch the technology clutch and learn how to start conversations. Find something simple about them that might make for a good opener (“I like your hair,” etc) and take it from there.

Keep Exes in the Past

Do not talk excessively about your exes. You’re not with them for a reason, so keep them at non-factor status.

Don’t Talk Too Much About Yourself

Bragging and name-dropping is not hot. It’s cool to be proud of who you are and to share elements of your life with your date, but you shouldn’t dominate the conversation with talk about you, yourself and you. Be an equal opportunity conversationalist and show that you’re genuinely interested in your date as well.

Open Up

Even if you’re apprehensive about trying new things, just go for it—within reason, of course.  That means new experiences and new types of people. Don’t refuse to go ice-skating just because you’re afraid you’re going to fall, and don’t shut someone down just because they’re not your "type."

Don’t Jump The Gun

No one said you had to marry the person tomorrow. Look at a date as an opportunity to meet an interesting person who you might be able to learn from, even if a romantic relationship doesn’t develop.

Delusion is a Mutha

Everyone thinks they’re a good catch… but are you really? You can’t write someone off for not having muscles if you’ve never even seen the inside of a gym. Don’t complain about meeting the same type of person over and over without an introspective look at why you’re attracting that breed.