Celebrity couples are dropping like flies this month! Only a few weeks after announcing their engagement, Music legend Aretha Franklin has just called off her wedding to her beau, Willie “Catfish” Wilkerson. “Will and I have decided we were moving a little too fast,” said Franklin. “There were a number of things that had not been thought through thoroughly. There will be no wedding at this time” Having been married twice before, Franklin certainly knows a thing or two about the institution.

Yet, these two go way back to Franklin’s early years, which makes the split all the more sad. A former firefighter, Wilker first met the fledgling songstress in Detroit where she was signing autographs. After signing Wilkerson’s leg cast, Franklin became smitten and the rest was history. They dated for several years before being featured together on the cover of Jet Magazine in 1987. From NBA games to award galas, Wilkerson and Franklin have been joined at the hips for years now, so the split comes as more of a surprise than the wedding announcement did.

We can’t say we weren’t looking forward to the summer wedding these two had in the works, but when will the famous learn to RESPECT marriage as a sacred entity?