Tributes for legendary soul singer Aretha Franklin have been pouring in from all over, following news that she passed away in Detroit on Thursday and New Yorkers found an ingenious way to pay tribute to the “Queen of Soul.”

Commuters noticed on Thursday that someone wrote “ARETHA” above a sign for the Franklin St. subway stop in the posh New York City neighborhood of Tribeca.

A tribute was also found at a set of stairs at the station that read, “Aretha makes me feel like a natural woman.”

Aretha Franklin, NYC, Subway
Screenshot from CBS 2

“I think it’s fantastic. It’s the type of urban tribute you only get in a place like New York City,”  David Schaffer, a NYC-based attorney, told the New York Post on Thursday.

Another New Yorker told the Post that the tribute should be looked at as art and not graffiti.

“If it’s a tribute to raise awareness of her life, I think it’s great. I think graffiti is a statement of art,” Greta Anderson told the Post. “It can be a form of vandalism, I understand that — it depends how the person intends it. This adds character to the city.”