It was reported last summer that Aretuha Franklin died without leaving a will or trust for her $80 million estate. Monday, however, an attorney revealed Monday that three handwritten wills were discovered in the soul legend's home earlier this month.

According to Page Six, two of the documents date back to 2010 and were inside a locked cabinet on one of Franklin's dressers. The last and most recent one is from March 2014 and was found under cushions in the living room.

David Bennett, an attorney for the Franklin estate, filed the wills in court Monday. He is uncertain whether the documents, which feature hard-to- decipher notes and crossed-out sections, are legal under Michigan law.

If Franklin had left no will, her estate would be split among her four sons. But it appears the Queen of Soul divvied up her assets among family members in the newly discovered documents.

Two of her sons objected to the handwritten wills. A court hearing has been set for June 12.

Franklin died of pancreatic cancer at age 76 August 16, 2018