Aretha Franklin's Estate Pays Back IRS in Full

Four years after her passing, the estate of Aretha Franklin has paid off a long standing debt of $7.8 million to the IRS. Now that this payment has been rectified, it may reflect positively on her four sons and result in a significant payout and benefit from revenue generated from her legacy.

Statue of Mary McLeod Bethune Unveils at the Nation's Capitol

On Wednesday, Mary McLeod Bethune became first Black American to be represented with a state statue in the National Statuary Hall. The National Statuary Hall is a room integral to the history of the United States Capitol. Replacing a statue previously of a Confederate general, she was immortalized in a massive marble monument. This comes a year after the House voted to remove white supremacist displays at the Capitol.

Lebron James Speaks Out About Brittney Griner on The Shop

Lebron James is lending his voice in support of Brittney Griner in the midst of her detainment. In a trailer on his HBO show The Shop, James stated that if it were him in Griner's predicament, he would struggle with wanting to go back to the US after being a Russian detainee. "Over 110 days, now how could she feel like America has her back?" James said. "I would be feeling like, 'Do I even want to go back to America?'"

Daniel Kaluuya Not Returning to Black Panther 2

Due to schedule conflicts, Daniel Kaluuya shared in an interview that he will not be returning in the newest installment of Black Panther. Set to premiere this fall, Kaluuya stated that he was unable to make the proper time to participate in the film to reprise his role.