Ari Lennox Arrested in Amsterdam

Ari Lennox was detained by Dutch authorities Monday. According to Reuters, the "Pressure" singer was arrested in Amsterdam's Schiphol airport for disturbing public order after she accused airlines staff members of racial discrimination. Dutch military police, who allege that Lennox was drunk in public, did not disclose when the singer will be released.

Rutgers University Installs First Black President

Early November, Rutgers Univesity inaugurated Jonathan Halloway as its first Black president. "When I look at Rutgers, I want to see a place that aspires boldly to be both a leading engine of world-changing research and a vehicle for social mobility for students across the socioeconomic spectrum," Holloway expressed, according to the institution's official Instagram page. "This is what excellence looks like.”

Hayward City Council Apologizes for Tearing Down Blues Community

City Council members of California's Hayward City recently issued an apology to Black and Latinx residents and descendants of a small, 12-block community formerly known as Rusell City. According to The Associated Press, the community, which was mostly inhabited by Black and Latinx people before it was torn down, was described as a lively blues community. In addition to the apology, the city is planning to install art exhibits that pay homage to evicted residents who were removed from their homes due to racist city policies. Further, there has been discussion of first-time homebuyer assistance programs for descendants of Russell City residents.

Biden Says Omicron Variant is a Cause for Concern

Monday, President Joe Biden discussed the new Omicron coronavirus variant, expressing that the new strain of the disease is a "cause for concern, not a cause for panic," NPR reports. Further, he expressed that the U.S. expects to see cases "sooner or later" before sharing that Dr. Anthony Fauci believes that current vaccines provide at least some protection from the new strain.