Arkansas State police have arrested Christopher Reynolds, 34, for the November 9 shooting death of Ernest Hoskins Jr., 21, reports

The investigation has been ongoing since the shooting, with the family hiring Benjamin Crump, legal council for the family of Trayvon Martin, the Florida teen gunned down by former neighborhood watch captain, George Zimmerman.

Hoskins was apparently attending a business meeting with three other employees at Reynolds’ home, who was his employer at Raynell Industries in Ward, Arkansas. For unknown reasons, Reynolds allegedly pulled out a 44 Magnum Desert Eagle pistol and shot Hoskins in the face.

Attorney Crump suggests that there are clear racial implications in the case; and similarly to Martin’s case, weeks went by before an arrest was made:

“For whatever reason, he pointed the gun at the only African-American guy at the table,” Crump told theGrio.

“Ernest was the only man in his family,” Crump said. “His mother has two daughters, his father died” years earlier.

“In any jurisdiction in the world, even in Arkansas, this should have resulted in arrest.