Guess who may be coming back to the talk show circuit for another shot at fame? Apparently, Arsenio Hall has been in talks with CBS to star in his very own talk show. The comedian and actor, mostly known for his former syndicated talk show "Arsenio Hall Show" as well as his roles in comedies like "Coming to America," recently won "Celebrity Apprentice" and seems determined to use the win as a foot in the door.

According to, no deals for a possible Hall talk show are in place yet. However, Hall has already spoken publicly about wanting to become a staple in television once again. Hall and CBS last worked together for Arsenio's first late-night show, which aired from 1989 to 1994. CBS TV Distribution has refused to comment on this possible comeback. Late-night talk shows have been pretty white-washed for the most part, so perhaps a new show by Hall would give the talk show circuit the jolt it's been missing.