Some folks are just downright argumentative. It doesn’t matter what the subject is, who said what or who did what to whom, this person would rather pick a fight than let things go.

Unfortunately, the world is full of people who just won’t let up during moments of conflict. Here are three tips to defuse an argument or drama:

1. Do not respond with logic.

People like this are unreasonable. It doesn’t matter if what you say makes sense, they will simply find a way to combat it, no matter what. Understand that maybe they will take in what you have to say, but talking at this time will result in you getting sucked into the madness.

2. Ignore them.

Sometimes, the best way to respond to ignorant people is to ignore them. Tell them you do not wish to argue or address whatever conflict they’re seeking to address at the moment, and simply stop responding to the yelling, the foul language and overall negativity.

3. Give them space.

If this is someone who you have to interact with in a professional setting, attempt to limit interaction. If it is someone you love, tell them that you will  give them space. This may sometimes mean leaving the premises, but usually, it means going into another room.