In addition to discussing her new film, Stuck, Ashanti chopped it up with EBONY about her upcoming EP executive produced by hit maker Metro Boomin.

“I just did an [Instagram] Live with my fans … and I asked them, ‘What do you guys want from me? Do you want up-tempos? You want club records? You want R&B records? Ballads? What do you want?’ It was a landslide, they want vintage, Ashanti R&B with a little 2019 spice, which is why Metro is my guy,” she said.

After sharing her thoughts on first hit “Foolish” becoming a certified classic, the Long Island songstress revealed what she believes is missing from her genre, which is R&B itself.

“I feel like there’s a void. I feel like people want it, but there’s not a lot of true, passionate, R&B music, when you think about it. Telling a story, being vulnerable and being visual.”

She also entertained the idea of embarking on her own “millennium tour” with other talented singers of the early and mid-2000s. Check out the clip above.