Journalist and transgender rights advocate Ashlee Marie Preston garnered public praise in August when she lambasted Caitlin Jenner’s support for President Donald Trump. Per a Saturday announcement, it appears the California State Assembly may soon be graced by Preston’s candor and perspective as a triply marginalized trans woman of color.

The activist and former editor-in-chief of the inter-sectional feminist magazine Wear Your Voice gave her followers further reason to look forward to the new year when she shared she’d be running for California’s District 54 State Assembly seat.

She’ll be competing for the recently vacated seat of Sebastian Ridley-Thomas who resigned last Tuesday due to health complications. According to a press release obtained by the Advocate, Preston plans to use the political platform to focus on police brutality, rape culture, immigration and discrimination against transgender individuals.

“As someone directly impacted by the issues that often diminish the quality of life, I have an acute understanding of which policies must be put into play in order to move progress forward for the constituents of the 54th district and beyond. I believe in prioritizing people over politics,” Preston’s press release read. “We are more than poll percentage points; we are real people with real stories. I fully intend to continue honoring those experiences, and advocating for those who don’t have a seat at the table.”

Preston made headlines last summer when she slammed Jenner for her evident political dissonance.

“You’re a f–king fraud,” Preston said in light of Jenner’s public support of President Trump. “It’s really f–ked up that you continue to support somebody…that’s erasing our f–king community. And you support it!”

This lady is all too deserving of a seat at the table.

Six openly transgender individuals were elected to a political office during November’s historic special congressional and state elections.