On Monday, a group protested outside of Anna & Jun’s Beauty Supply in Tulsa, Oklahoma after April Harding, a Black customer, was assaulted by the alleged owner, Changseok Jun, on Aug. 13. According to Black News, Harding was punched in the mouth in front of her 3-year-old son and another toddler.

The incident was recorded by an onlooker and uploaded to Facebook, where it received nearly half a million views within a day’s time. In the footage, Harding and Jun exchanged words, before she is shown moving her hand toward his face. The man responded by grabbing her arm and punching her in the mouth.

Harding said she was assaulted after the owner aggressively approached her over an unpurchased keychain her son had from the store. However, she claimed she left the item behind before exiting the premises.

“We never got out of the store with anything,” the North Tulsa resident said. “He didn’t have to do anything that he did. Especially not hit me in my face,” she added.

Although police were called, and Harding was taken to the hospital, where she got three stitches on her upper lip, an arrest was not immediately made.

Cleo Harris, the protest’s organizer, told Tulsa World, “For him to hit her is unacceptable.” He continued to explain how Black consumers need to be treated better. “You’re taking the black dollar, but you don’t trust us coming in to buy your product that is a creation of us.”

According to StyleMagazine.com, since the viral attention, Jun has been charged with assault and battery and is scheduled to appear in court in September. The community organizers want both locations of Anna & Jun’s Beauty Supply to be shut down. They also urged shoppers to go to Black-owned businesses.

A similar incident took place in a nail salon in Brooklyn, New York, where a woman was attacked by Asian workers after refusing to pay for a botched service.