Two Atlanta sisters are being indicted for felony murder after killing a toddler over a cupcake.

WXIA-TV reports Glendria and LaShirley Morris beat three-year-old Kejuan Mason to death on Oct.21. Bruises were found all over his body.

The women, who alleged they were upset with the boy for taking a cupcake from the kitchen, spanked him while beating him with a baseball bat.

Glendria, the young boy’s guardian, first told police Mason choked on the cake and paramedics failed to revive him. She then claimed the boy choked on a cupcake but appeared well and later died in his sleep. Mason died of blunt force trauma.

In addition to two counts of felony murder charges, the sisters are also facing one count of aggravated assault and two counts of cruelty to children. If convicted, the sisters may face a life sentence.