The Marvel Universe is adding a new face to its alternative world character line-up and we’re all smiles about it.

While anticipation for the reveal of who would take on the role of “Domino” in the sequel to Deadpool was on a constant build, lead actor Ryan Reynolds graced the cyberspace with some exciting news and now, we can all clap it up for Atlanta actress, Zazie Beetz!

And the announcement came in full code mode:

Pretty cool, right?! The level of mystery and decoding aligns well with the mystique essence of Marvel.

Zazie gained a grand fan base as Donald Glover’s girlfriend on the Golden Globe winning FX series, Atlanta. As Domino, she’ll transform into an engineered mutant who was conceived as part of a Secret United States government program called Project Armageddon. The “special program” is devoted to creating perfect human weapons. Domino was one experiment that succeeded and because of that, her supernatural capabilities extend to physically altering random variables in her line of sight to create the illusion of extreme luck.

Yep, she’s a crazy powerful Black chick with the skill to pull off nearly impossible feats and alter the perceived luck of her foes.

Ultimately, Domino is an unkillable badass.

With Atlanta taking an hiatus until 2018, we’re all here and ready to see Zazie take her dope talents to the big screen!