On September 27, Sephora will introduce Beauty Insider Challenges, a new initiative designed to enhance the Beauty Insider experience for clients. This "gamified" offering aims to engage, surprise, and delight Beauty Insider members, elevating their shopping journey and maximizing the value of their membership. With over 31 million members, Sephora's Beauty Insider Loyalty Program is committed to providing exciting and exclusive perks centered around value and convenience.

The first challenge, called "Ready Set Sephora," will involve a series of time-bound tasks that offer more entertaining ways for clients to shop at Sephora and enhance their shopping experience. Members will earn 100 points for each completed task, with an additional 100 bonus points awarded upon successfully completing the entire challenge. This means clients can earn a total of 500 points! These points can be used towards Beauty Insider Cash, samples, and other rewards.

To make tracking progress easier, there is a user-friendly system that allows members to monitor their ongoing and completed challenges at a glance. The tasks for the first challenge include signing up for Sephora Text Alerts, ordering with Buy Online, Pick Up In-Store, getting shade matched in-store with Color iQ, and receiving a free sample with an online purchase.