Prosecutors and the defense attorneys for the White Chicago cop who’s charged with the murder of a Black teenager rested their case on Wednesday, according to NBC News.

The decision comes a day after officer Jason Van Dyke testified in court that he shot 17-year-old Laquan McDonald in 2014 because he allegedly moved toward him and ignored orders to drop his knife.

“He got right about 10 to 15 feet away from me,” said an emotional Van Dyke. “We never lost eye contact, his eyes were bugging out, his face was just expressionless. He turned his torso towards me. He waved the knife from his lower right side upwards across his body towards my left shoulder.”

Prosecutors disputed those claims by playing videos that contradicted the testimony that the teen was “advancing” toward him with his knife.

The prosecution stated that dashcam footage did not show McDonald waving a knife at Van Dyke, which he eventually agreed with, but said that the video did not show his “perspective.”

They also questioned Van Dyke’s claims that McDonald tried to get up after he was shot 16 times.

“Is there any part in that video where Laquan McDonald was trying to get up?” asked Assistant Special Prosecutor Jody Gleason.

“That video may not show it, but that wasn’t from my perspective,” responded Van Dyke. “My focus was just on that knife, and I just wanted him to get rid of that knife,”

Attorneys will deliver their closing arguments on Thursday, per NBC News.