Law enforcement sources have confirmed the identity of the Austin bombing suspect as Mark Anthony Conditt, according to multiple outlets.

The Austin bombing suspect, who had left the Texas capital on edge after a series of package bomb explosions, has died, according to law enforcement.

Austin Police Chief Branley said that the suspect detonated an explosive device inside his vehicle as officers closed in early Wednesday morning. A SWAT member has been injured in the explosion but is expected to live.

The suspect has not been identified yet said Branley, but he has been described as 24-year old white male.

“We believe that this individual is responsible for all incidents that have taken place in Austin starting March 2 and since then,” Manley said.

Austin has been on high alert for the last 19 days after two people were killed and four people injured after packages exploded.

Branley urges Austin residents to be on the lookout for suspicious activity or packages.

“We don’t know where this suspect has spent his last 24 hours,” Branley said at a news conference. “We still need to remain vigilant to ensure that no other packages or devices have been left through the community.”

On Tuesday a package bomb exploded at a FedEx facility outside of San Antonio that was addressed to an address in Austin.

Anthony Stephan House was the first victim when a package exploded and killed him on March 2.

On March 12, 17-year old Draylen Mason was killed and his mother injured and a third explosion critically injured a 75-year old woman.