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african american man sad

ASK B. SCOTT:’My Mom Stole My Money!’

Dear B. Scott: Some years ago my dad passed from cancer and there was a…

women annoyed

ASK B.SCOTT: ‘Am I Over My Best Friend?’

Dear B. Scott, I love my best friend to death, but she's getting on my…

african american couple pregnant worried

ASK B .SCOTT: ‘She’s Pregnant By Another Guy’

Dear B. Scott:   My live-in girlfriend is pregnant, but the baby isn’t mine. We…

bi racial couple arguing

ASK B. SCOTT: “I’m Biracial and Offended”

Dear B. Scott,   I’m a biracial woman (Black/White) and I’m soon to be married…

african american couple arguing

ASK B. SCOTT: ‘My Boyfriend Is Giving Me the Silent Treatment!’

Dear B. Scott,   I’m having trouble talking to my boyfriend. Our relationship is fine,…