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Carl Van Vecten Nigger Heaven

The N*gger Debate:
More of the Same

by Blair L.M. Kelley   Mar 26, 2014

It seems that every few years we have some version of a debate about this word. It is probably the most discussed word in... Read More

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr with children

Durham Nativity Keeps King’s Dream Alive

by Blair L.M. Kelley   Jan 20, 2014

One of my mentors is an amazing woman at my church, Ruby Thompkins. She is a masterful organizer, quietly working hard behind the scenes... Read More

The Price of ​‘Django’

The Price of ​‘Django’

by Blair L.M. Kelley   Jan 14, 2013

I finally saw Django Unchained. As a historian, I was reluctant to watch it. After all, to me the details matter. And after reading... Read More

Martin’s Murder Takes Us Back

Martin's Murder Takes Us Back

by Blair L.M. Kelley   Mar 23, 2012

I teach about a terrible time in American history, the turn of the twentieth century. It was time when Black men, women, and children... Read More

Home and Homegoing:Reflections on the Black Church

Home and Homegoing: Reflections on the Black Church

by Blair L.M. Kelley   Feb 29, 2012

The church has been in the news a lot lately, from the Catholic bishops contesting women’s access to birth control through the Affordable Care... Read More

Rethinking Booker T. Washington

Rethinking Booker T. Washington

by Blair L.M. Kelley   Jan 18, 2012

It’s easy to dislike Booker T. Washington.  After all, he is the African American leader best known for compromising in the face of racial... Read More