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Michaela Coel Been So Long

Michaela Coel Serves Up Serious #BlackLove in This Sneak Peek From Her New Film

by #TeamEBONY   May 04, 2017

It’s no secret, Chewing Gum creator and star Michaela Coel is brilliant. Her hit comedy has garnered rave reviews (and awards!) on both sides of the pond, but most... Read More


Tonight’s Episode of ‘Black-ish’ Could Be Our First Look at Yara Shahidi’s  Spin-off

by Britni Danielle   May 03, 2017

We’re two episodes away from the third season finale of ABC’s hit comedy Black-ish and this time we’re going back to college. In the latest installment... Read More


How Fox’s ‘Empire’—and Counseling—Saved My Marriage

by Sharisse Tracey   May 03, 2017

If you’re a fan of the hit television show Empire—and I assume you are because, well it’s Empire—then you are also familiar with the... Read More

chris rock

Here’s Why Chris Rock Wants to Record His Comedy Special in Front of a Black Audience

by #TeamEBONY   May 03, 2017

Last October, Chris Rock inked a massive deal with Netflix–reportedly totally $40 million–to bring two new comedy specials to the streaming service. Though he’s... Read More

The Dark Tower

Here’s Your First Look at Idris Elba in ‘The Dark Tower’

by Britni Danielle   May 03, 2017

Idris Elba may never be James Bond, but that’s ok. In the upcoming film adaptation of Stephen King’s popular series, The Dark Tower, the British actor gets... Read More

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Star Terry Crews on How His Life Influenced the Show’s Take on Racial Profiling

by Crystal Shaw-King   May 02, 2017

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is the antithesis of a hard-boiled crop drama. Instead of dramatic, ripped-from-the-headlines cases, the series depicts the lighter side of law enforcement... Read More

Tony Awards

Here Are All of the Black Folks Nominated for Tony Awards This Year

by Britni Danielle   May 02, 2017

Last year, Black actors made history at the Tony Awards. Bolstered by Lin-Manuel Miranda’s juggernaut Hamilton, actors of color racked up wins in the best actor, best actress,... Read More

colin Kaepernick

Here’s How Colin Kaepernick Is Helping Parolees Get Back on Their Feet

by #TeamEBONY   May 02, 2017

NFL star Colin Kaepernick may be still searching for a team, but while he meets with organizations to see where–or if–he’ll be playing next season, the former... Read More

Wait, Trump Doesn’t Know Why the U.S. Had a Civil War? Uh, Slavery

Wait, Trump Doesn’t Know Why the U.S. Had a Civil War? Uh, Slavery

by Britni Danielle   May 01, 2017

Just when I think Donald Trump can’t possibly put his foot further into his mouth, the president’s latest comments about the civil war and Andrew Jackson show there’s... Read More


Trump Ends Michelle Obama’s Let Girls Learn Program, Because…Spite?

by #TeamEBONY   May 01, 2017

It looks like Donald Trump is seriously intent on undoing every single thing President Obama’s administration enacted during his time in the White House, including... Read More